Our Philosophy

MW Co-op Spread
the flower seeds of hope
and Share the Fruits.

The Mindellei Workers Cooperative (MW Co-op) was founded in year 2013 as a community-based enterprise by “Keepers of Forests and Rivers” and “Hen Cackling Village” residents, which are grass root organizations of Geumcheon-Gu in Seoul, Korea. MW Co-op operates the handicraft and floriculture workshops to generate new jobs for the people alienated from the society among various activities. MW Co-op plan to encourage the solidarity between neighbors and regions. Through these activities It will realize the “true” social values for the healthy community and sustainable development of the regional society.

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Our Brand

Bonyeon & Somssigongbang


The Bonyeon is our flagship clothing brand for natural beauty.

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The brand handles a variety of household items made by hand stitching.

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Mindellei Eco

The Mindellei Eco is a brand created to produce products and services related to environmental education.

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