About Mindellei Workers

About Us

The Mindellei Workers Cooperative

The Mindellei Workers Cooperative (MW Co-op) is a community-based enterprise. Its main goal is to spread widely the seeds of hope to the world as dandelions do and communicate, work and share happiness together with neighbors.

The Dream of Mindellei Workers Cooperative is to “Build Three Grounds toward Happiness”

The First ground is “Happy Workplace.”

MW Co-op aims creating A Happy Workplace where all the members can work with pride and ownership by democratic and creative project management and by sharing the benefits and profits equally.

The Second ground is “Happy Livelihood.”

The craft and floriculture workshops operated by MW Co-op are to help less fortunate neighbors in the community. By learning handicrafts at MW Co-op, the elderly and/or handicapped people can rediscover the vigor for life and search the methods how to create incomes. MW Co-op conducts the community building project for the less developed village by improving residential environments and facilitating cultural activities. Among the them are making common vegetable gardens, little corner parks, green shelter, and decorating artistic walls. Through these activities MW Co-op plans to attract the attention of the people and restore healthy and lively community. The partners of MW Co-op participate in the plan, design, manufacturing, marketing of products and service. the profits are shared fairly among the partners.

The Third ground is “Happy Shelters”

MW Co-op conducts the experiencing nature program for children and the practicing environmental friendly life program for adults. In the experiencing nature program the children are encourage to see, touch, feel and enjoy nature. It is a eco-friendly program and awakens the awe of nature and life. The adult program will provide opportunities and shelters to rest with nature and to heal mind and body.